ASSET InterTech and Arium Merge – On July 9, 2013, Arium and ASSET InterTech announced that ASSET and Arium would join forces and – over time – merge Arium’s hardware-assisted software debug and trace tools into the ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments, making ScanWorks the most comprehensive and effective environment for firmware and hardware debug, validation and test. Designers can quickly debug firmware and then diagnose how it interacts with the hardware. Designs are certified faster and move into manufacturing sooner.

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For the previous 35 years Arium has been a privately held corporation, offering its customers tremendous depth of expertise and broad experience in the field of microprocessor development and debug tools.

In 1991, Arium Corporation combined with American Automation to form American Arium, which later became Arium. American Automation began in 1977 as a provider of reliable and inexpensive in-circuit emulator tools for the development and debug of embedded microprocessor designs. Arium Corporation had its roots in Integrated Digital Systems, a consulting firm founded in 1977. In 1983, the company officially changed its name to Arium and introduced an easy-to-use, portable logic analyzer.

After its merger with American Automation in 1991, Arium began a longstanding collaboration with Intel Corporation to develop in-circuit emulation tools supporting the Intel® Pentium® processor. Throughout the 1990s, Arium focused on building and expanding its line of feature-rich hardware-assisted debug tools for Intel processors, eventually dominating the market.

Currently, the company supports Intel embedded, notebook, desktop, and server processors (excluding Intel® Itanium® processors).

In 2001, Arium entered the market for ARM® processor debug and trace tools. Soon thereafter, the company introduced a line of JTAG-based debuggers and SourcePoint™, its flagship debug software and user interface which runs on Microsoft Windows or Linux hosts. In the early 2000s the company added Linux OS-aware debug to its list of capabilities.

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