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Intel is a global leader in computing and embedded processing solutions. The company has far reaching technology that serves many markets from supercomputers to small embedded applications.

Intel is headquartered in Santa Clara, California with offices worldwide. The company has more than 82,000 employees. The origin of the company dates back to 1968, founded by Gordon Moore and Bob Noyce.

ASSET proudly supports Intel's processor initiatives and tracks Intel's roadmaps. ASSET has been providing JTAG-based tools supporting Intel since 1992.

Key features of Arium SourcePoint solutions include:

  • Auto-configuration on all Intel-based designs
  • Support for many processors including legacy technology
  • UEFI-aware features
  • Adcanced x86-specific views/functionality
  • Linux OS-aware features
  • Linux and Windows hosted debugger (SourcePoint)
  • Compatibility with all popular toolchains

ASSET tracks Intel's roadmap. Future devices will be fully supported by ASSET.

Arium SourcePoint Compatible Tools
ECM-XDP3 (Run control + code execution trace)
LX-1000 (Run control + code execution trace + Architecture Event Trace (AET))

ASSET is a member of Intel's Intellegent Systems Alliance.

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