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Texas Instruments designs, makes and sells high-technology components to more than 90,000 customers all over the world. The company has a very broad product portfolio, which includes chips that are central to almost all electronic equipment.

The company was founded in 1930 as a geophysical exploration company that used seismic signal processing technology to search for oil. TI introduced the first commercial silicon transistor in 1954. There are approximately 34,600 employees working for Texas Instruments.

ASSET proudly supports TI's ARM-based SoCs. Key features of Arium SourcePoint solutions include:

  • Pre-configured, validated support for fast and easy deployment
  • Advanced trace support for ETM and ETB trace resources
  • SoC-specific device views
  • Linux OS-aware features
  • Highly integrated multi-core features
  • Linux and Windows hosted debugger (SourcePoint)
  • Compatibility with all popular toolchains


ASSET works closely with TI to support their line of ARM-based processors. ASSET tracks TI's roadmap to ensure future support of upcoming SoCs.

Texas Instruments Device Families Supported

Arium SourcePoint Compatible Tools
LC-500S (Run control + ETB)
LX-1000 (Run control + 2 GB ETM + ETB)


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