Press Releases

Year 2014 
02/27/14 ASSET announces debugging tools to accelerate development of cloud applications based on AppliedMicro’s X-Gene Server on a Chip solution
Year 2013 
10/29/13 ASSET’s Arium software debugger turbo charges ARM’s System Trace Macrocell
10/22/13 ASSET® InterTech’s Arium SourcePoint™ tools will debug ARM code in TI’s multicore OMAP architecture
10/15/13 Arium software debugger supports Intel's new Silvermont microarchitecture with Real-Time Instruction Trace
10/08/13 ASSET’s Arium tools support Intel C2000 Atom, accelerating software debug for new class of microservers
10/01/13 ASSET’s Arium tools will debug ARM code in TI’s multicore KeyStone architecture
07/09/13 ASSET InterTech and Arium merge
Year 2012 
10/19/12 Intel® Architectural Event Trace (AET) Support
04/02/12 Freescale™ i.MX 6 Series Processors
02/09/12 ARM UEFI Support
02/08/12 Embedded Trace Buffer and Board Support Packages
02/01/12 SourcePoint 6.9.1 Release
Year 2011 
09/14/11 Hardware-Assisted Debugger Supports Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit
04/11/11 Arium Supports Intel® Atom™ Z670
Year 2010 
09/15/10 Arium Adds Further Intel Processor Support
04/28/10 Recently Introduced LX-1000 JTAG Debugger with Trace Now Supports ARM® Processors
04/13/10 More Debug Visibility Offered By Event Tracing on Intel®-based Platforms
03/02/10 AE Linux is Available on Cinnamon Bay SBC Featuring Intel® Atom™ Processors
01/05/10 Arium Embedded Linux is Now Available
Year 2009 
09/21/09 New Linux OS-aware Support for Intel® Atom™ Processors
09/21/09 JTAG Debugging Offers Linux OS-Aware Features
05/25/09 Arium Announces New Distributorships
01/05/09 Arium Announces SourcePoint™ 6.7 Release
Year 2008 
05/05/08 Arium Supports Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT)
04/02/08 Intel® Atom™ JTAG Debugger Support
03/26/08 SourcePoint™ 6.6 Adds New Support for CoreSight™
02/13/08 ECM-XDP3 Offers Debug for Latest Intel® Processors
02/11/08 Arium Launches SourcePoint
Year 2007 
09/10/07 Arium Delivers SourcePoint 6.5.1 with Serial Wire Debug
09/06/07 Arium Launches SourcePoint 7.5. and Lead-Free JTAG Debuggers
07/26/07 Arium Introduces HS-1000S ARM JTAG Trace Debugger
02/27/07 Arium Launches SourcePoint™ 7.3
01/30/07 Arium Launches SourcePoint™ 6.3.1

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