ARM and Intel JTAG Debugger

Arium SourcePoint is the software that drives all of our debugger (emulator) tools. Exceptionally robust, it is designed specifically to support ARM® , and  TI OMAP™, devices, as well as Intel® Core™ Atom™, Pentium®, Celeron®, and Xeon® Processor Families.

SourcePoint supports popular compiler tool chains:

Intel Processors ARM Processors
Wind River® Tornado® II C/C++
Microsoft® Visual C/C++
ARM ADS 1.1 and 1.2 C/C++
ARM RealView™ Dev. Suite
Green Hills® C/C++
IAR Embedded Workbench®

The debugger software incorporates other best-of-class functionality, including address translation, dynamic page translation, multiple code formats, and a self-diagnostic test suites. SourcePoint operates in multiprocessor and multicluster environments and runs on either MS Windows or Linux hosts.

A popular feature is the Linux OS aware debug features in SourcePoint. Users can seamlessly debug code from board reset through a boot loader, kernel boot, dynamically loaded modules, and applications. Unlike other Linux debug environments that may require multiple debuggers, SourcePoint offers a "one stop shopping" benefit!

Organizations such as Broadcom, Cisco, Dell, DoD, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Intel, ITT, Lenovo, LSI, Marvell, Samsung, Seagate, ST Micro, Western Digital, and many others benefit from using SourcePoint tools.

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