Arium Embedded Linux (AE Linux)

Arium Embedded LinuxArium Embedded Linux (AE Linux) is a compact distribution that includes the basic components needed for embedded products based on IA-32 and Intel® 64 processors.

AE Linux includes a pre-built kernel as well as all of the source and the complete tool-chain for building the kernel and applications.

The package is designed for fast and easy Linux development with scripts to aid developers in designing and debugging kernel and user space code quickly.

AE Linux includes all source, a pre-build kernel with Arium Embedded Linux debug hooks, and deployment scripts which include target flash programming. The distribution uses the standard Linux build flow and is made from unmodified public distributions to ease migration to newer or different Linux components. The distribution is very lean while providing complete support for the targeted simpler IA-based designs. This allows small file systems (CF or similar). Installation of the entire kit and bring-up on a target should take one hour or less for an experienced programmer. There is no need for the developer to build any host side standard tools.

The distribution also includes Arium's Embedded Linux debug hooks to accommodate a seamless debug environment using Arium SourcePoint JTAG debuggers. Developers can debug from board reset through UEFI, kernel boot, kernel module drivers, and application code.

AE Linux is validated on the Intel Essential Series.

 Download Arium Embedded Linux (AE Linux)

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