Arium Chain ReactionArium provides development tools to aid development engineers. Products focus on hardware-assisted debuggers. Our products are used to debug BIOS, device drivers, OS kernels, and embedded applications.

Arium has a rich and long-lasting background providing development engineers with advanced features in tools. That's one reason why major Intel OEMs such as Dell, HP, and IBM rely on Arium to provide advanced features such as multi-processor debug, cluster debug, and UEFI-aware source-level debugging. With unprecedented focus, Arium is now applying it's years of experience to aid ARM developers to get their SoC designs to market faster than ever.

The focus of our products is to provide SOLUTIONS to our customers' needs. This not only includes excellent hardware and software products, but also in-depth technical support. Our customers enjoy the following benefits:

* Work completed on or ahead of schedule
* Debug cycle is an easier part of the project
* Products are more robust and reliable
* More feature-rich products come to market
* Differentiation through innovation for business growth

Don't be left behind... it's hard to compete without the right tools!

Interested in prices for Arium products in North America? Contact our sales department directly. 

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